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Communication to the community
by Adriano Di Prato - Tuesday, 3 September 2013, 3:35 PM

On Friday 30th August a bus transporting some of our students to Doncaster Shoppingtown was involved in an incident. As the bus was turning from Thompsons Road into Manningham Road one of the students lost his balance and fell against the rear door of the bus. The door opened and the student fell out onto the road.

Fortunately the student received only superficial injuries. Emergency Services including Police and Ambulance attended the scene. The Ambulance officers assessed the student and allowed him to go home with his father. The Police said that because the bus driver had stopped and the student was uninjured they did not need to act further. The bus company sent inspectors to the scene and we are currently awaiting the outcome of their investigation.

Key Marcellin staff attended the scene and we were all impressed by the mature, calm and thoughtful way our students attended to the student concerned and to each other. I was particularly impressed by the student himself who showed great calmness and presence under difficult circumstances.

I bring this incident to your attention for two reasons. The first is to ask you to impress upon your sons the need for vigilance as far as safety is concerned on public transport. This is not to suggest the boy concerned did anything wrong but it is timely in the light of this incident to reflect on safety on buses.

Secondly, you will be aware that for some time the College has been lobbying the Victorian Government and Department of Infrastructure regarding the need for more buses to move our students to and from school due to issues of overcrowding. The Victorian Government is the regulatory body responsible for allocating chartered transport to schools. The issue of overcrowding and safety arises as a result of a lack of funding from the Victoria Government. No additional funding for school buses has been given since 2007. To alleviate some of the stress of overcrowding, the College is chartering buses to carry students to and from Heidelberg. This is a short term solution and is not financially viable in the future.

We have been campaigning tirelessly for over a year to both the Department of Infrastructure, Ventura bus lines and our Local State M.P. requesting to have extra charters allocated to Marcellin. To date our discussions have not yielded an outcome that supports your son enhances his safety.

The College can only pass on your concerns as we are not the responsible entity for charter transport. To support the welfare and safety of your son and other Marcellin students, the following contacts provide an avenue of communication. The College supports parents in making direct contact with relevant agencies and highlighting the welfare issues pertaining to their sons arising from the lack of charter transport.

Local M.P. - The Hon. Nicholas Kotsiras,

Phone: (03) 9850 7983

E-mail Address:

Ventura Bus lines

Phone: 03 9488 2100

E-mail Address:

Department of Infrastructure

Minister – The Hon. Terry Mulder

Phone: (03) 5231 5046

Email Address:

Mark Murphy