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2013 Short Story Anthology: The Writers Notebook Volume 5
by Nives Nibali - Monday, 14 October 2013, 9:37 AM

It is hard to believe that this is already the fifth edition of the Marcellin College anthology, The Writers’ Notebook. This year there are an incredible 45 entries all vying for a prize in the college’s Short story Competition.

What a delight and privilege it has been to work with students and share their precious stories over these five years. Many students who submitted storied in the very first year are now entering for a consecutive fifth and it is clear that their talents have developed and improved over the years. It is also clear that their teachers have a positive and constructive influence on their literacy and writing skills. This is especially true this year in the stories submitted as it is clear that inspiration and advice has come from a number of subject areas. History deserves a special mention here with a number of pieces clearly influenced by units of work students have been exposed to in 2013. This cross-curricula approach is very encouraging as it is exactly what is at the heart of the new Australian Curriculum and is also a healthy sign that our students are developing communication and literacy skills across their subjects.

I am delighted especially this year to see that students with a range of abilities have submitted their stories. This is indeed a testament to the encouragement they receive from their parents, peers and teachers. It takes courage to expose your work in this way and I congratulate all students who have taken the time to write, edit and submit their stories.

The stories appear in no particular order and pretty much as submitted. Students were given many opportunities to proof read and edit their work and also had plenty of opportunities to work with me or their teachers in this process – I especially thank certain English and Pastoral teachers for their help in working with students in this proofing and editing process. It has been very inspiring to hear from teachers that they are seeing a new side to their students through their writing and that they have had the chance to build new relationships with students while working with them on something they are passionate about - something they love to do rather than have to do.

I especially want to thank Marie O’Brien for her assistance in procuring the prizes for the competition and for reading and judging the stories for the various prizes awarded. The Library sponsored two of the major prizes this year and the English Department sponsored the other two; thank you to both for their support and contribution.

Ed Best has been a long time collaborator in the advertising and electronic publication of the annual anthology. It is due to Ed’s expertise that the college now has an archive consisting five volumes of student writing that can be accessed any time, anywhere from our website. A heart felt thanks to Ed for his continued support.

Finally, the stories from the students of Marcellin College provide a valuable insight into the way students see the world, what influences their thinking and what they expect of their future and what they value the most…and in many instances, what they themselves read, view, listen to and seek to imitate. These precious insights offer a window for us to peer into and view the worlds our students hope for and strive to create and inhabit.

Just click on any of the titles on the contents page to go directly to the stories.

Happy reading!

Nives Nibali
Anthology and Short Story Competition Coordinator

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