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2013 Short Story Competition Winners
by Nives Nibali - Monday, 21 October 2013, 9:01 AM

Congratulation to all students who entered this year’s Short Story Competition. There is a fantastic selection of stories from across all year levels, covering a variety subjects and genres.
It is our pleasure to announce the shortlisted entries and winners of the 2013 Marcellin College Short Story Competition.

Senior 10-12

First Prize Senior

The Life of Clive

Yearr 11

Dominic De Totto

Second prize Senior


Year 11

Stefan Guizzo

Shortlisted in no particular order

The Promised Land

Year 10

Daniel Kimber

8/9 Fractures

Year 10

Dariusz Skoraczyński

Through the shade

Year 12

Anthony Coter

The enemy

Year 10

Erik Fekonja

Dustbowl Dance

Year 10

Daniel Lunn

Sympathy for the devil

Year 10

Matthew Silipo

Wonderful world

Year 10

Alexander Maiolo

Junior – Yr 7-9

First prize Junior

Miriam and Felix

Year 8

Joshua Posar

Second prize Junior

Terror from the Himalayas

Year 7

Domenic Britton


8/9 Fireborne

Year 9

Joshua Masci


Alim and the Sphinx’sNose

Year 8

Harry Gravell

Congratulation to prize winners:

Senior first prize: Dominic De Totto
Senior second prize: Stefan Guizzo

Junior first prize Joshua Posar
Junior second prize: Domenic Britton. 

For those who did not win a prize this year, I look forward to reading your stories next year and seeing you shortlisted and perhaps even a prize winner.

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