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Headstart: 2014 Academic Year
by Melissa Mackellin - Friday, 15 November 2013, 11:46 AM
Monday 18 November is a staff curriculum and planning day. This is to ensure that constructive feedback is provided to further improve learning, as well as continue to develop the curriculum to the Australia Curriculum requirements. Headstart and the 2014 academic year begins on Tuesday 19 November.

The following expectations, as communicated in the Student Planner and College website, are required on Tuesday to ensure the highest of standards are maintained at Marcellin College:

  • Uniform and grooming standards are to include shirt tucked in, clean leather shoes, and hair is to be cut so that the length when pulled forward does not extend over the eyebrows and/or over the collar. Long hair or extreme haircuts that do not meet the grooming expectations may result in students being sent home on Tuesday until it is rectified
  • Students are to attend class on time for all lessons
  • Spray jackets are to only be worn if it is raining
  • Bags are not permitted in the yard during breaks and should be in lockers or change rooms during class time

Pastoral Leaders, House Coordinators and members of the College Leadership team look forward to your company at the upcoming House Graduations which is a fitting celebration of your son’s achievements during 2013.

Melissa Mackellin and Mark Ashmore
Heads of School