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2013 House Graduations
by Melissa Mackellin - Monday, 25 November 2013, 9:23 AM
This week our community will be celebrating the achievements of students through the House Graduation evenings. This is an opportunity for us to recognise the efforts our young men and join together as an extended family for a final time. All House Graduations begin at 7pm.

Monday 25 November

Redden House - Functions Room
Lavalla House - St Marcellin's Hall

Tuesday 26 November
Faulkner House - Functions Room
Marlhes - St Marcellin's Hall

Wednesday 27 November

Mannes - Functions Room
Champagnat - St Marcellin's Hall

Thursday 28 November
Kenny - Functions Room
Augustine - St Marcellin's Hall

Monday 2 December
Carnie House - Functions Room

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Heads of School