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Inter-House Swimming Carnival
by Adriano Di Prato - Monday, 3 March 2014, 10:24 AM

On Tuesday 11 March, 2014 Marcellin College is hosting its annual Inter-House Swimming Carnival.

The carnival will be held at Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre at 180 Victoria Road, Northcote.

Senior School: Year 10 – 12

Year 10-12 students may make their way to the venue by 9.15am where they will need to record their attendance with their House Coordinator. The Aquatic Centre can be accessed on the Hurstbridge line, exiting at Dennis Station, with a short walk up Victoria Rd to the venue. For students wishing to travel from the College, a bus will be available for departure at 8.50am from the College roundabout. Students will be dismissed from the Aquatic Centre by 12.00pm. Years 10-12 students are able to go home at the completion of the carnival, or liaise with their House Coordinator to remain at the carnival and assist the Junior School students. Buses have been organised for travel to Doncaster Shoppingtown and Marcellin College.

Junior School: Year 7 – 9

Year 7-9 students will have normal classes for Pastoral, Period 1 and 2 on this day (Day 2). Students will depart the College at 11.15am for the carnival and will return by 3.15pm in time to catch the normal bus services. Students will need to bring their own lunch and water.

Students are required to bring sunscreen, their Marcellin cap, snacks and drinks as the canteen will not be available at the venue.

Uniform requirements

Students are required to attend the day wearing the Official College PE uniform:

§ Pale Blue Marcellin sports polo top or the Official House colour T-shirt (crew neck)

§ Maroon Marcellin PE shorts or Maroon Marcellin track pants

§ Appropriate footwear (no open toe-shoes or thongs)

For students in Year 11 or 12 who no longer possess the official College PE Uniform, they are required to attend the College in Full Summer Uniform. The only bag students are permitted to bring is the official Marcellin school bag. It would be ideal if students wore their bathers under their uniform to minimise changing time at the pool. All students are to bring appropriate bathers to change into, a towel, cap or sun hat, sunscreen for protection and any other necessary swimming equipment.

The Official House colour t-shirt is available from:

Bob Stewart

201 – 211 High Street, KEW VIC 3101

Telephone: 9853 8429

As this is a normal school day, it is the expectation of the College that students follow basic rules as set out in the student e-planner. No mobile phones and other electronic devices should be brought to the Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre and the College will not accept responsibility for loss or damage.

In the event of a medical issue the College will access current student medical information on file. If medical information pertaining to your son has changed since the commencement of 2014, parents are required to submit a completed medical form by Friday 7 March to Student Services. This form can be found on our website.

This is a compulsory school day and all students are expected to attend. Those students who do not attend must bring a medical certificate upon their return to school to explain their absence.

In the event of inclement weather, the College will notify the community of a cancellation via the Marcellin website and Twitter. A normal school day (Day 2) will then occur and students will be expected to bring the necessary equipment.

Recent history has shown that the annual Inter-House Swimming Carnival has been effective in promoting College spirit and student and staff collegiality. We look forward to another productive day.