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AGSV/VSRU Sports Playing Kits
by Adriano Di Prato - Wednesday, 12 March 2014, 11:46 AM

Towards the end of 2012 the College commissioned a Marcellin Identity Style Guide to ensure greater continuity and consistency for our brand in a competitive education landscape. This included re-imagining our AGSV/VSRU sport uniform. Over the course of last year the College worked closely with Champion Sports Apparel via Bob Stewart, through a process of re-imaging our playing kits for all sports, to not only reflect the Identity Style Guide expectations, but to ensure that when a young man puts on a playing jersey, he is a Marcellin boy, proudly representing the College.

The College received feedback on proposed designs via the Marcellin College Community Association (MCCA), our peak parent body, our student leaders, our Sportsmaster and Teachers in Charge of various sports. All have had input to the design, style, cut and fabric selection.

Bob Stewart in Kew will commence retailing our new sports playing kits in readiness for the 2014 AGSV/VSRU winter season from mid-April this year.

All Year 7 boys will be required to purchase the new playing kits for all winter AGSV/VSRU sports.

AGSV rules stipulate that at the Open level teams are required to present in the same playing kit when representing their respective College. Due to this requirement, Marcellin will also require any student that makes a 1st or Open team to have purchased the new playing kit for the 2014 AFL, Hockey, Soccer and VSRU Rugby winter season.

We understand that some families may have recently purchased a 1st playing kit in the past 12 months in support of their son’s selection to an Open team. The transitional period from the old sport uniform to the new sport uniform may create financial strain for some families. Acknowledging this possibility the College is prepared to subsidise boys currently in Year 11 and 12 involved in a 1st or Open team, who purchased a playing kit in 2013, in the following way:

Year 12 (Year 11 2013) – 100%

Year 11 (Year 10 2013) – 50%

We ask that you contact our Sportsmaster, Justin Abbott at the College on +61 3 9851 1589 if you require any further clarity.

For all other year levels, boys may continue playing in their current playing kit, however should they require any new sporting kit items for the upcoming AGSV/VSRU winter season, they will only be able to purchase items from the new playing kit, exclusively retailed through Bob Stewart, 201 – 211 High Street, Kew .

The College will also soon be launching a new Health & Physical Education uniform for the commencement of 2015 to be phased in from the Year 7 level. The College is committed to working with all our suppliers to ensure costs remain competitive for all our families.

The College is excited about this new initiative and we anticipate the community embracing the new sporting kits, which celebrates student involvement in our rich co-curricular program.